Monday, 18 August 2014

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Why go out when you can make the perfect hangout at home? Ok, that's a lie, a big one for that matter. By no means am I encouraging my readers to stay in all day/every day. Go on, get yourself out there, it's totally good for you.

However, on the occasion when you do feel like being housebound, adding some T.L.C into your own space will work in your favour. Nights in solo will be worth their while or even better, people will be coming over to your place in no time. Conclusion: good decor is guest friendly? Scented candles by Le Labo (new favourite) and Diptyque (classic) are always a winner and my personal advice to you is to pimp out your bed.  Add throws, blankets, pillows and make sure there is lots of it. Go all out and go all the way.

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  1. Love the layout of your blog and your posts in general. Must get my hands on some of these candles!

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